Traficom's duties in its role as a health security authority

With the entry into force of amendments to the Communicable Diseases Act on 22 February 2021, Traficom was designated a competent health security authority.

Traficom works with municipalities and Regional State Administrative Agencies to monitor the fulfilment of hygiene and capacity obligations imposed on transport operators.  

The Act also empowers Traficom to impose temporary restrictions on the allowed number of passengers in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. Traficom may decide to impose limitations as necessary to control the spread of the virus, if it is apparent that hygiene and social distancing measures are insufficient.

Decisions issued to this end may contain obligations for a transport service provider or a transport operator acting on its behalf to limit the maximum number of passengers allowed onboard its services by up to 50%. Such a decision, which applies exclusively to services used to transport more than 10 passengers at a time, may be in force for a maximum of one month and must be withdrawn immediately if the conditions on which it is based are no longer met.